Today’s lunch is “Peter Pan” in Takayama

My son’s favorite restaurant is “Peter Pan”.

It’s located at Katano, Takayama.

It’s not chain restaurant, cozy and old fashion.

This is a request from my son, so we went to Peter Pan!

Cozy restaurant “Peter Pan”

It’s about 7 minutes by car from Takayama station.

Drive Rout 74 and go to North, turn left at Chijima junction.

This triangle shaped roof!

Looks good!

It’s a modest luxury.

 For some reason, my kids are well mannered here.

My son’s favorite is shrimp gratin!

It’s piping hot.

Baked crispy and inside is creamy.

I chose daily lunch.

It’s enough amount for me.

It’s my husband’s steak!

Good taste!

He was a huge appetite.

The restaurant name is “Peter Pan” that’s why it has a lot of Disney goods.

Cherry in a juice is somehow cute.

It’s nostalgic.

A sugar bowl is ice cream shape.

Nostalgic too.

I satisfied for good lunch and calm mood of the restaurant.

Also the staff is very friendly.

I recommend going here!

Restaurant Peter Pan
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