I was off to panove to buy a breads for lunch.

Our town has a lot of good bakery and today I’ll introduce panove in Takayama.

I love this shop’s white bread. Of course tartines and sandwiches are my things.

We decided to buy the breads and coffee for lunch.

I was so happy to choose from among my favorites.

I was full of happiness that I was wrapped up in hot bread’s smell.

First and foremost, I got white bread with raisins.

They don’t use egg so I enjoy eating with my son.

And really fluffy!

Shoot a serious look at breads.

To be honest, I wanna buy all of them but I made a strict selection.

I bought three croissants because it’s a hugely popular among my family.

Finally I prepared awesome lunch!

They have a online shop and appetizer.

Basically bakeries of Hida are closed Sundays.

Let’s check their holidays!