We went to Cafe Courier in Takayama to have a tea.

Cafe Courier is in Takayama.

The married couple run the cafe.

Husband who traveled around in the world and wife designed the cafe.

That is the reason why it has a lot of Taiwanese menu.

We went to the cafe on a sunny day

Taiwan-ish Cafe “Cafe Courier”

Taiwan things are trend in Japan recently.

Regardless of the trend, the cafe is good and I want to go again and again.

There is a cafe at 1 chome Hachikenmachi, Takayama.

Just 10 minutes by walk from Takayama station, it’s on the corner of Jinya Minami intersection.

There is no parking so I recommend to find metered parking near here.

My son was picking this seat without hesitation and relaxing.

By the way, I fell down on the street skinned my knee and palm.

I ordered Douhua, Chinese Chimaki, Taiwanese Yuzu tea and Chai.

This Douhua used ginger.

Ummm It’s springy and soft.

You’ll get hooked on this taste!

Chinese Chimaki!

Big size!

I found a a chestnut!

It’s so hot and springy.

good taste!

My son mostly stole it from me .

Hot Yuzu tea.

It ‘s just right sweet.

Just a tasted husband’s chai.

It’s good too!

Books and general goods are from many countries.

These are from different countries but cohesive.

It’s in tourism area so visited a lot of tourists but also local people.

Menus are friendly taste.

Next time, I’ll choose Minced pork rice and Castella!

Cafe Courier
1-12 Hachiken-machi,Takayama,Gifu