I ordered Eco friendly handmade hats from rumah organics.

“rumah organics” is a one of handmade creator who is Taira Mamiko in Takayama.

She is an Eco friendly creator.

She moved from urban area to Takayama and I knew her though my job.

She talked about her life with consideration and friendly so I interested in her work.

She use natural materials for her accessories and goods.

I found cute hats!

We ordered matching hat right away.

I ordered handmade hats from rumah organics!

The top of hat has cute leap .

I chose same one for my kids.

She measured kid’s head and then select cloth…

I couldn’t wait to see her work done.

One and only hat!

My order arrived!

These are for kids and husband, hat and message.

The face is green and for each lining cloth.

This product is from nature.

It’s soft and smooth to touch!

My husband ordered soft color.

(He is first appearance. Basically he take a picture of us.)

Friendly to people and environment

rumah was started on give birth of second son occasion, part of a reason he have naturally sensitive skin.

I empathized with her because my son is same.

When I thinking about kid’s future, find a problem in environment, government and so on.

Going into too much detail will take you nowhere, but I’ll choose eco friendly things simply.

For your information, her accessary bland is WE CAN GET ALONG.

It’s also from natural.

Let’s check her products!

rumah organics