At this time, one of medical herb, Sigesbeckia pubescens became a healthy latte.

Busuitei is a ryokan which is in Hida and it has a long histry.

This ryokan have started selling medical herb latte.

It has an image as health nut but it easy to try.

Hida city is reservoir of resources for medical herbs.

It is said that the area of 90 percent of the city is trees so medical herbs are close to us.

Now we have a shop of medical herbs “Hida mori no megumi” also local people formed project of it.

Then I heard about new medical herb product which is a medical herb latte, so I tried to drink right away!

Creamy and not too sweet taste.

It looks like matcha latte.

We just pour hot water and then getting to espresso!

I blew on it to cool it down little bit.

It’s not too sweet, my favorite taste!

If you eat it as it is, it taste really bitter but as for this latte is no bitter taste at all!

I don’t like an artificial sweetener but it hasn’t.

Or rather it tastes refreshing.

In addition to it’s good for health!

Effect of medical herbs

We can take mineral from medical harbs.

Of course we can take in it by supplements, but ingest it from vegetables or plant is easier and efficient.

More than anything, feel good!

I highly recommend it so let’s try it!

料理旅館 蕪水亭