I bought Japanese knotweed jam from “lucky be” 

I bought Japanese knotweed jam from “lucky be”.

Japanese knotweed, known as “Itadori” in Japan, is a plamt that grows wild all around Japan, but I never heard of it until I purchased the jam.

The jam filled a small bottle, and had a nice smoky color to it. i expected it to taste bitter or harsh, but was pleasantly surprised with how fresh the flavor was.

The jam was made in Kawai, a small area within Hida rich with beautiful nature. This area is wonderful to visit, you can enjoy an easy carefree time in the mountains.

Along with the knotweed jam, lucky be makes mountain herb granola, with many medical benefits, as well as wild grass tea and many other food items utilizing ingredients gathered locally.

And they based in Kawai.

“Everyone from chikdren to adults should spend their life in play” say the owners of lucky be.

You can follow lucky be on instagram and LINE.

They post recipes for their products, as well as updates on what they’re doing.

It goes well with rice scoons,but in trust it can be used with a large variety of dishes.

I used coconuts cream as reduce sugar for health.

It has no harsh after taste.

Yum! Goes well with any dish!


I tried to make “Namban-zuke”.

Basically vegetables (and fish or meat) marinated in spicy vinegar sauce.

For this time, put the jam and lemon for sour taste!

Time to harvest of Japanese knotweed is spring to early summer. Besides, they are committed to freshness so not to keep it every season. We can see next spring again.

Le’t get information from their account!

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