We ordered “Chikara Udon” for lunch as delivery.

Sakaeya is an eating house which has been round for a very long time.

It is located in front of Furukawa station and local people’s favorite.

Today, I’ll talk about limited menu, “Chikara Udon” during winter season.

Winter limited “Chikara Udon”

I ordered food dirivery.

Chikara Udon means that Udon with Mochi(rice cake) on it.

It really popular in Japan in winter that why we have mochi in basically for new year season is our traditional custom.

It baked with oil and wrapped with seaweed.

Mochi is soft, sticky and chewy but if it’s baked with oil, surface is become crispy.


I really like mochi~!

Of course udon is good too!


This red one is called Akamaki, which is one of Kamaboko (minced and steamed fish) eaten around Hida and Toyama area.

We eat it with noodles.

One of our local food, “Aji gohan” is cook rice with akamaki and some vegetables and so on.

Anyway we have a lot of local cuisine used it.

Two mochi, fried tofu, mushroom, grated radish…

I was satisfied!