We went to one of my place “Boulangerie Noboriya”

We have lovely bakeries in Takayama.

Today I’ll show you one of my place “Boulangerie Noboriya”.

How to get to the shop, you go Route41 from Takayama station and then go in the direction of Kiyomi, you will see left hand.

Just 5 minutes drive from the station.

It’s cute sign!
“Good baguette is Here!

The bakery has many kind of breads.

Hard one like French breads, Savoury breads, Sweet breads…

There are many choices, we can’t choose.

We must to buy croissants!

I choose nuts and fig one for me, also  white bread, Savoury breads…

I bought a lot!

There are always delicious!

I highly recommend  croissant and baguette.

I often use toasting machine just little bit.

P.S. They just opened a tie-up cafe!

Boulangerie Noboriya
Kamiokamoto Takayama Gifu 506-0055