I strolled at Kiyomi Wood Forum Hida to eat a dango.

I heard that kitchen car marche in wood forum in Kiyomi and went there.

Kiyomi takes about 15 minutes by car from Takayama station.

I was hoping to try dango(dumpling) of “Tocco“.

It has a good reputation so I really wanted to try.

Basically in our area, soy sauce taste dango is a major but I wanted to eat sweet one!

A sweet walnuts sauce with a plenty Kinako (roasted soybean flour) on it.

It’s a new flavor but absolutely good!


Of course good!

It was a chewy and fluffy!

That’s delicious even when cold.

My son has an allergies but ingredients are good for him so we can enjoyed eating together.

I want to eat it again.

They have a blog, let’s check latest information!

宮川朝市 みだらしだんご屋 Tocco