We shopped “Miyazi” which is a local grocery store.

“Miyazi” is a local grocery store which is located Ninomachi, Furukawa.

I have been curious about this shop for a while, finally I went there.

Here is full of nostalgic.

It is located 10 minutes by walk from Furukawa station.

We are going towards Miyagawa river, go through the town.

In front of the store, this statue will serve as a landmark for you.

These POP displays are unique.

They have a lot of groceries and nostalgic toys.

My son attracted to toys.

There are home-made deli foods.

These POP displays are owner’s handwriting.

He is good at crafting, that statue is also made by him!

Today we got a miso green onions tempra, kanikama(crab flavor kamaboko) tempura, canned salmon and so on.

I think it’s fun just to look.

Let’s go there!

食品の店 宮地屋