We bought our lunch from a prepared meal store,”Okazuya Yamamoto”

We have a prepared meal store in Furukawa, “Okazuya Yamamoto”.

In Japan, prepared meals are really popular and high quality.

We crazy about their Japanese fried chicken.

It is located10 minutes by walk from Furukawa station, on Ninomachi Street, in front of a bicycle shop.

After use hand sanitizer and let’s go!

 A meals are displayed at the shop.

It makes me hungry!

A pumpkins simmered in sauce.

I can’t decided what to buy.

A fried chickens!

It’s so crispy.

She is always She is always cheerful so I like her.

I guess I bought a little bit too much.

The bag is cute.

Lunch and dinner time is gonna be crowded so I always staggered.

Also I recommend to takeaway!

おかずや 山本