We bought breads from brand new bakery, “AIIRO BAKERY” in Furukawa.

The long awaited bakery is finally in Furukawa, so I immediately went there.

The long awaited bakery, “AIIRO BAKERY”.

We have no bakery in Furukawa until now, but it’s just opened!

It located about 20 minutes by walk from Furukawa station.

We head for Northwest from the station on a prefectural road 476.

They have a car park for 2 or 3 cars.

They used a paper tray because considerate of sanitation.

A swirl mugwort Kanoko beans.

A pizza bread with tuna and corns.

Of course a baguette.

I’m really happy that I got a bakery in my neighborhood!

Let’s eat!

It’s a swirl mugwort Kanoko beans.

Bite it.

It had a rich mugwort flavor!

A baguette was amazing.

Outside was crispy and inside was fluffy but chewy!

It’s gonna be popular among locals.

They have a license of medical herb coordinator and fermented food.

In addition, they display about allergies.

They have a lot of kind of breads so if you go like every day, you can find new one.

Also they open until 7 am, it’s good for early breakfast.

Here is their instagram let’s check more details!

Shimokita Furukawa Hida City