My son chose cool “TOKYO BIKE”!

My son entered an elementary school.

But school was closed from the effect of the COVID-19. Although Hida has no infected person at the moment.

It’s a comfortable climate season. I talked with my husband that want to go for a walk sometime soon (of course, with prevent spreading infection).

In addition, our city providing a subsidy.

Besides we can exchange it for community currency!

We did and lose no time going to the shop.

(For more information about Hida’s community currency “SARUBOBO COIN” )

Chose favorite one at a nearby bike shop Nagakura

The shop, Nagakura is close to my house, just 3 minutes. Also from Furukawa station, just 3 minutes by foot.

It’s warm wooden feature is so nice. It has been in business about 60 years. They are really professional and good adviser.

He is growing and would drive around,fall down…

Neighborhood shop would be best!

He liked “tokyo bike” at first site and chose cedar green TOKYO BIKE Jr right away.

The shop’s owner was kind enough to adjust a saddle and take a training wheels off for him.

 One of our essentials “STRIDER”

Finally he got his bike!

We tried using it straightaway!

We went to a park in Kokufu.

Let’s do it anyway!

I was little uneasy at first, but he did it very easily!

Gee, Usually we repeated fall down over and over again and then learned to ride a bike…

Oh I see! Thanks to the “STRIDER”!

He rode the STRIDER before get bike.

The strider is a running bike which was born in USA.

It is a bike without pedal. It advanced sense of balance before ride real bike. It also said that kids getting faster.

Awesome the STRIDER!

Highly recommended!

After all, he never fell down. I suppose that he will be trip over so I will give him a helmet for him.

I would like to ride bike with him soon.

My husband looked excited.

10-21 Kanamori Furukawa Hida Gifu