We went to Miyazaki garden shop to buy plants.

A forest account for 90 percent of Hida city but we are starve of green plants.

The day, we went to a garden shop.

Miyazaki garden shop at Sanfukuji, Takayama

It takes about 7 minutes from east gate of Takayama station.

Across Miyagawa river and turn right of Sanfukuji intersection.

It is in front of the Super Market Satou.

There are cute.

I feel relaxed.

When I was looking for something, a staff came to talk to me.

This plant looks different but see a lot, It is rare breed… the staff taught much information.

I learned something new.

I somewhat like Ficus microcarpa.

It was so hard to choose but I ended up deciding to buy it!


I loved this strange appearance and vine will grow.

I was so happy to get new one!

Also I enjoyed listening about plants.

It’s worth coming back for!

Miyazaki garden shop
358 Sanfukuji,Takayama,Gifu